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The scriptures say that when the great sea was churned lots of divine things come out. One of them was Dahinavarti Shankh.This is the Shankh which is placed in lord Vishnu’s right hand. When placed in both hands to offer water to deities from its opening also comes to the right hand side.

  • If Dahinavarti Shankh is there, Maa Lakshmi always come and reside in your place.
  • If you offer water to lord Surya with this conch, the mental tensions and health is improved and gets right.
  • Offering water to sun with this conch gives relief in eye problem.
  • Keeping in your mandir brings lot of name and fame.
  • Keeping it in the safe or bank locker invites more money to it.
  • Sprinkling water in the whole house with this shankh brings positive energy and cuts the negatives.

Rs. 2800.00