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Gomati chakra is a miraculous thing. It is available from sea and rivers. This is very rare.It is used in different spiritual and tantra rituals for money and prosperity.Maa lakshmi is worshipped by using the Gomati Chakra.In the Indian mythological scriptures many rituals are described by using the gomati charka. These are very easy to handle and easily benefiting.

  • This can be buried in the foundation of the building for everlasting prosperity.
  • This can be hanged inside the main entrance of the building it ensures prosperity.
  • Eleven number of gomati charka wrapped in a red cloth and kept in rice or wheat ensures prosperity in kitchen.
  • To get protection from enemies keep six gomati charka in a black cloth remembering your enemy and throw in a running water.
  • Good to have water kept with Gomati charka ,this ensures good stomach health and blood pressure.
  • Good to worship on the deepawali evening. It is said that maa lakshmi will bless you round the year.
  • Keep 11 gomati charka one by7 one and repeat your wish and keep in a yellow cloth. Wrap it and keep in the mandir.this completes the wish very soon.

IMP : Tie 5 gomati chakras in a red cloth and tie it on the entrance of your shop or office on Friday after 11:30 am.