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Indicators of Seventh Chakra Imbalances:

  • Most of us will never activate this Chakra–few will even activate the 6th much less the 7th, however imbalances make take the form of feeling “haunted” or attracting unsavory spirits.
  • A complete lack of conscience or spirituality.
    No grip on reality–living in a complete dream world.


Responses: Redemption, The Divine, Karma, the Soul

Location: The Top of the Head

Governs: Pituitary Gland

Colors: Violet, White

Scents: Rose, Geranium, Violet

Gemstones: Amethyst, Charoite, Clear Quartz, Sugilite

Amethyst Connects physical to spiritual and is useful in connections between the 6th & 7th Chakras.

Charoite Increase awareness and help with surrender.

Clear Quartz Brings spiritual awareness in a material world.

Sugilite Wisdom (Extremely powerful).

Petals: A thousand petals.

Comments: This Chakra only awakens in the most enlightened and represents a desire to merge with the Divine and surrender completely to Divine Will. It is the highest evolution a soul can attain, and therefore very few of us will ever experience even glimmers of the energy of this Chakra. Only a few, very spiritually committed and or/angelic persons in history had fully activated Seventh Chakras.

It is thought relinquishing the energies of the lower Chakra energies (i.e., sex drive and will) will allow the energy to flow upward into the Seventh Chakra and awaken it. Hence, the belief across many cultures that abstinence from Sex and Will can bring one closer to God.

People with strong 7th Chakra Energy will often seek solitude, most often in nature. They will lose desire for sex and have left their will and ego behind them. While they are drawn to seclusion, persons are drawn to them like a magnet as if they sense their enlightened status.

What signals an imbalance of this Chakra? To open the mind to the infinite with no grounding from the lower Chakras can mean a person loses touch with “reality”. Some believe that our mental institutions hold many patients who have opened the gateway to heaven and lost their ways back to the physical world.

Physical symptoms of an imbalanced Seventh Chakra may involve Pituitary Gland problems.

Therapy: Chakra Therapy would include laying the proper gemstone upon the Seventh Chakra (crown of the head) for 5-25 minutes. You may find surrounding yourself with the Scents of the Seventh Chakra helpful during 7th Chakra work. Imagine a Bright White or Violet light in the shape of a flower emanating slightly upward from your Head. Visualize all men as one. Release the hold of the world’s desires and possessions from your heart. Let yours troubles go and imagine your soul being one with God. Imagine this White/Violet Light carrying away all your worldly cares as it emanates upward, cleansing as it goes. Let the Flower expand and grow in power. Then close the petals and keep the power inside to be drawn upon as needed.

Mantras: “I surrender my life to God’s Will.”
“Give your troubles to God.”
“Let go and let God.”