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Indicators of Second Chakra Imbalances:

  • Over-sexed, or sex addiction.
  • Denial of sexual impulses, frigidity.
  • Difficulty with intimacy in general.
  • Inability to comfort another or receive comfort and tenderness from another. Denial of all pleasure or a very hedonistic (pleasure-seeker) lifestyle.
  • Reproductive problems, disease of the gonads, ovaries and uterus


Responses: Sexual, reproduction, pleasure

Location: Located in the middle of the belly about 3 inches below the naval, at the front of the body.

Governs: Sex organs, elimination, the lymph system, the skeleton and bones, the lower extremities (legs, ankles, feet) and the nose.

Colors: Orange-red

Scents: Rosemary

Gemstones: Carnelian, Yellow/Golden Topaz, Tiger Eye, Orange Amber, Sunstone, Peach Aventurine, Malachite


Amber Intellect and keep marital vows.

Carnelian Vitality, courage and sexual prowess.

Malachite Help those who were sexually abused.

Peach Reduce desire for pleasure.


Sunstone Increase vitality. Remove “hang-ups”.

Tiger Eye Balances male/female energies.

Topaz Brings intellect into sexual desire.

Petals: An Orange Flower with 6 petals.

Comments: Problems with the Second Chakra (Sacral) coincide with major traumas between about 4 and 8 years of age. The focus of this chakra returns between 34 and 38 and again between 64 and 68.

Did you undergo a major trauma in your life during this period? Were you abandoned? Did you parents divorce? Traumas during this time are reflected in our ability to be intimate with another human being, to give and receive sexual pleasure and provide comfort and allow ourselves to be comforted.

Likewise, if you have unresolved issues related to sexual abuse or rape, your Sacral Chakra is likely unbalanced.

An Second Chakra Imbalance may manifest as sexual frigidity, guilt, being cold, unapproachable and aloof. On the other hand, a Second Chakra Imbalance may be expressed as being over-sexed, using persons for sexual gratification alone, living a hedonistic lifestyle and battling sexual addictions.

Physical symptoms of a Second Chakra imbalance include problems with the ovaries/testicles, impotence and lymph system problems.
Therapy: Chakra Therapy would include laying the proper gemstone upon the Second Chakra for 5-25 minutes.

Imagine an orange vortex of energy coming from the area between the pubic bone and the naval, emanating forward from your belly. At the same time, think of feeling intimate with another, feeling the warmth of their skin against yours. Imagine providing comfort and pleasure and being comforted and pleasured. Release all guilt relating to sex and realize that sexual intimacy is a natural part of a healthy lifestyle.

Mantras:“I welcome intimacy as one of life’s greatest pleasures”

“Comforting another human being is one of the kindest things”

“I welcome of the comfort of others in times of need”