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Indicators of Third Chakra Imbalances:

  • Easily irritated, explosive temper.
  • Inability to prosper, not matter how hard you try OR prospering at the expense of others.
  • Difficulty in taking responsibility for actions and consequences.
  • Alternate between feeling immensely powerful, only to feel like a victim the next moment.
  • Weak-willed or inflict one’s will on everyone around them.
  • Digestive ills, ulcers and diabetes.


Responses: Will-power, drive and ambition, power

Location: Generally located between navel and lower chest.

Governs: Stomach, pancreas, intestines, colon.

Colors: Yellow

Scents: Ylang-ylang, Rose

Gemstones: Yellow Amber, Citrine, Golden Topaz, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Aragonite, Golden Tiger Eye


Yellow Amber De-stress and lighten the attitude.
Yellow Aragonite Stress relief. Improve practicality and dependability.
Yellow Calcite Clears and activates the Chakra.
Citrine Happy attitude. Prosperity.
Golden Labradorite Help get in touch and feel more comfortable with their Will without impressing their will upon others.
Golden Topaz Brings success in endeavors, especially business.
Golden Tiger Eye Improves practicality, grounds and balances the male/female energies.

Petals: A bright Yellow Flower said to have 12 petals.

Comments: The Third Chakra deals with power and will issues. Here is where we store all the negative emotions of anger, vengefulness, jealousy and even guilt. If you’ve experienced a severe trauma between the ages of 8-12, 38-42 or 68-72, you may benefit from Third Chakra therapy.

The Third Chakra is about power and abuse of power. Of will-power and lacking will-power. Were these stressful periods fraught with these issues? Do you feel guilt and regrets at how you handled these power struggles?

Persons with Third Chakras Imbalances may feel like powerless victims. They’re unable to see they have choices and that the conditions of their life are due to their own choices. It’s about taking back their power and asserting themselves to obtain the sort of life they desire. It’s about assertiveness NOT aggression.

An over-active Third Chakra may manifest as someone who exerts dominance and control over everyone in their sphere. They may tell them how to eat, how to dress and when things don’t go the way they want, they revert to anger and rage. They may be easily irritated and quick to anger.

Physical symptoms of an imbalanced Third Chakra include problems with the digestive system, including over-eating, diabetes, colon/intestinal problems and digestive problems related to stress.

Therapy: Chakra Therapy might include laying the proper gemstone upon the Third Chakra for 5-25 minutes. You may find surrounding yourself with the Scents of the Third Chakra and/or wearing 3rd Chakra Gemstones helpful in doing Third Chakra work. Visualize a Yellow Vortex of light in the shape of a flower emanating from the upper abdominal region. Ask that the light release old pains and hurts and fill the place where the hurts were with joy and plenty. Let it expand, growing in power. Then close the petals and keep the power inside to be drawn upon as needed.

Mantras:“I am the Master of my Fate”

“I say yes or no according to my own desires as is my God given right”