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Kunzite was discovered near the beginning of the twentieth century, in America, named for it’s discover, the gemologist G.F. Kunz. And although it does not have a very long history, it’s effectiveness has been tried and proven.

Kunzite is a form of Spodumene, which occurs in a wide range of colors, although the most common color is the yellow gray (which is called triphane). Two other gemstone varieties, the lilac-pink kunzite (colored by manganese) and the bright emerald green hiddenite (colored by chromium) are very popular with collectors. The kunzite was named for gemologist G.F. Kunz who first described it in 1902; hiddenite is named for W.E. Hidden, who discovered it in North Carolina in 1879.

Spodumene was discovered in 1877 in Brazil, although it was not until 1879 that kunzite and hiddenite were recognized as different varieties of the same mineral. Spodumene is also found in Madagascar, Myanmar, the USA, Canada, the former USSR, Mexico and Sweden.