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Silver is, of course, our favorite metal to wear. While Gold is beautiful, impressive and inspires power, the calmer, more tolerant attitude that surrounds silver is more enjoyable and pleasant.
Like gold, silver symbolized wealth and prosperity, as well silver is used here at maheshbarot as it increases the power of most stones, especially turquoise and coral. It is the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of loving and healing…is there a better metal to be use for your adornment?

While Gold and Bronze may have made an earlier introduction in Human history, Silver’s impact is no less significant. Quite early in that history it was noticed that liquids kept in Silver containers remained fresh and pure longer. In fact a Persian king, Cyrus the Great took an unusual approach to his subjects’ physical health. During his reign, between 550-529 BC, he set up one of the first boards of health and established a medical dispensary. As well, drinking water was drawn from a special stream, boiled and then stored in massive Silver containers.

Numerous legends, traditions and myths have grown up around this bright reflective mineral. Certain purification rites practiced by the Egyptians called for special basins made of Silver. Such practices even find their way into contemporary rituals as well. With Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran religions, their chalices for mass must be constructed of Gold, Silver or Vermeil.