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Your art of dealing with others and handling relationships will affect your graph of happiness and success. You will be climbing the graph of success quietly this year and meet delays patiently. It is time to cooperate with circumstances, even if you do not feel that things are moving as quickly as you would like them to. You might get to meet new friends, new partnerships, new study and new spirituality. This year you will need compassion, tolerance, and understanding. Slower pace will buy time for you to rest more and renew energies. Towards the end seek new arrangements, new living conditions and new agreements.

Your emotional competence might get shaked up and you may find yourself being more sensitive than usual, in one regard you are taking things too personally and being too hard on yourself, and in the other you find yourself being more empathetic and understanding of other people. Disappointment is one feeling you will hooked on to since a lot of the gusto you felt last year is suddenly nowhere to be found. There will be setback, delays, and flaws in your plans will be pointed out and need attention. These hindrances will make your year a bit difficult but just know that only when you have laid the best/strongest foundation you can, will you achieve greatness. Spending time with family and friend will be a mood-booster, and this is a great time to join a new group or take classes. Your lesson of the year is about learning to cooperate, and the general give and take of working as a team instead of forcing your will. Important year in the aspect of relationships as it focuses on communication, understanding, and working together. You might also find your soul mate so deeply examine every person you get to meet.

It appears as though you overspent during the holiday season and will be feeling the side effects during the beginning of the year. 2011 is not likely to be financially successful until later in the year, it would be better for you to focus on internal work, emotional healing, and relationships this year to reap the most benefits. The year, for the most part, is likely to feel slow-moving and will have many emotional ups and downs. February will be one of the best for relationships, marriage/proposals are possible or meeting that special someone. For those who are already attached there is a wonderful rekindling of romance, creating an ending of bad/difficult times. There will be arguing or having the “big talks” which either concern a lack of honest communication or financial woe. Overall the first few years are probably going to be uncomfortable as you begin to let down your guard to let wonderful things in, or to discuss the deep-seeded problems. It will feel both positive AND negative, but overall your relationship (and you) will be better for it.

Things will go pretty steady in terms of finance and would pace up by the end of the year your good communication and tendency to tackle with setbacks will help you to cope up with the down falls in the venture.