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This year is going to be practical and a year for the evaluation of material things. A well managed schedule is required. Your indecisive nature can become a hurdle in achieving your goals, it is advised to stick to things and accomplish ambition. This is a favourable time to put the ideas into concrete form. The more you save this year more you will be building resources for future security. But the other side is there would be more work than play this year. Care free nature will do no good, accept responsibility. Leaving everything on luck will not be a good idea.

Hard work and focus is required to achieve your pre decided goals. You had a whale of time last year, now this is the year to put all your creativity and endeavour together in order to secure you’re upcoming years. Certainly there will be obstacles to overcome, but remain determined. This year will test your will and your strength, so get organized, and focused.

If you are in relationship be aware of a domineering tendency from you or your partner, but overall this year signifies a healthy union between masculine and feminine, and would likely be a very fertile time.

Highly creative time; strongly suggest surrounding yourself with the arts, or trying some yourself. You must be patient during this time; you are trying to unite two opposite things to make them work as one. This could give you a strong upper hand in the workplace, or a wonderful relationship. Little arguments with mate are part of life so don’t make it a big issue between you people.

You might face some failure of your well-laid plans or ideas, but in a positive way. This failure will make you see the world in a new light. You will start identifying your good and bad friends. After the fiasco you will be touching the new heights of success. Reap the benefits of your hard work. By the middle of the year the excitement of a new undertaking, try not to jump on an opportunity without first giving it careful consideration; trust your intuition.