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Enjoy this state of independence this year as there will be more freedom in your life this time, but also an inner restlessness and something pushing from within to make life changes. Apparently you will be travelling a lot this year for both business and personal reasons. Be prepared for the unexpected and unusual. Progress is on your cards. Do not act in haste, this action might hamper your growth. This is a time for new study, new friends, and the old and outworn being replaced by the new.

The year will be of events and it will be happening in every sense. You will get to travel rapidly but you will have to balance other aspects of professional and personal life as well. The movements will not only be restricted to professional life but will also transcend to personal affairs. While these shifts and movements are on you will have to ensure that your efforts are focused and dedicated. At the beginning of the year you might face a dull situation wherein you feel that your are stuck at cross roads however as the year gradually proceeds you can easily locate and keep things in order. You will have movement and a clear direction by the end of the year. You might have to handle situations which you were planning to avoid since long because of some reason or the other. But you will have to watch your step on the financial front and spend reasonably.

Towards the middle of the year you might feel a bit restless. Reasons will be events around however I will take some time for you to identify them there after you will tend to see things falling in proper order and life getting back on track in lively sense. It is advisable that you spend time introspecting since events lined up this year would require the same. Just go with the flow and don’t try to make unnecessary efforts in resolving issue which will eventually get sorted out.