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The beginning of this year is a good time for you to start new relationships and burry the past ones. There is no point living with the same as life moves on. Interestingly this year is favourable for marriage, love, relationships, and service to others. You will have to take over responsibility towards the loved ones and those who are close to you otherwise.

As the starts up you will get busy with people around coming gradually and slowly. A lot of get together in store. Family, friends and relative will keep you busy and you might have a nice time with them. This year focuses on home, family, and creative efforts.Try and spare some time and invest the same in something artistic and creative. That might simply hone a hidden skill.

A portion of the year in the first quarter might make you land in a situation wherein you are supposed to make a tough choice however you will come across the solution in the same quarter as well. The mid of the year is charecterised by mixed emotions of fairness, hatred, crisis, struggle etc.

Its possible that some old relationship might see an end but there will be fresh beginning as well. It would not have been proper if such loads were carried forward. There will be mixed feeling of indecisiveness but you will have to look for a reason and solution. Pregnancy is also possible towards the end and you will have to spare time to balance time, routine and energy for yourself and the new one.