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Your sense for the family and responsibility will evoke this year. You will devote your time and energy to mend the mistakes you made long back in the past. By the middle of the year you will find yourself indulge in social services financially as well as physically. This is the time for you to heal and forgive, engulf yourself nobly and munificently in every walk of life. You are rich in terms of bonding with friends and people you love; almost everybody who knows you adores you and you know it very well. There are slight chances of getting into legal affairs. You will be financially sound this year. However romance is shaky. Watch your words, selection of words should be wise and don’t mess up with the promises you made.

Though towards the middle of the year you will realize that much awaited increments and dues have started flowing but still you will tend to get bothered even more. You will have to apply mind properly to see that funds that flow in are parked in a meaningful manner. The end of third quarter would bring in some stability in as much as managing finances are concerned.

The year marks stain of several things. Initially a cluttered mind would find peace in the second and third month. Thereafter finances will keep you busy for a while. Then family issues and relationships will started occupying mind but they will gradually settle down by the end of third quarter. By then end of the year an assessment would reveal that you are a contended man who has at least learnt to balance out priorities and take small but firm steps.