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Don’t hold on the miss happenings of your life let it go. Try to think it is clearing the way for future opportunities. Indeed this won’t be a easy year, and not a time to start new things. Stick to your current schedule be it personal or be it professional, in the end you will start gaining. But towards the end you will come across some major changes. However, change comes suddenly and often it is not in your control. Being sensitive will do no good this year. Keep busy and be generous in your thoughts and feelings. As you step in the second quarter you will have to understand that an easier way of settling issues and problems that arise is that you let things go off. Turning a deaf ear to problems gives birth to solutions sometimes and therefore its good.. you can’t stand by everyone and that you will have to set your priorities right is the lesson that the third quarter teach you. Striking the right balance in personal life is necessary for mental peace otherwise your mind is occupied with unnecessary stuffs.

This year is a time of renewing your self and your life in every sense. It would include shedding the old and making way for a new opportunity. The beginning of second half of the year is important and July is huge for you this year which will be the peak of your transformation. Though there will be phases of emotions but in the end it is all towards a positive end. Follow your intuition and you will gradually realize that the path you are treading is the sensible one. Old relationships might get revived and friends might revisit in the hour of need and that will strengthen your belief that it is never too late for things to fall in order. It is just that this year will make you face contrasting situations. You will have to make out the hidden context which will be in your eventual interest.