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Vaastu for Commercial Buildings

As far as Vaastu for commercial complex is concerned, one should opt for square or rectangle shape plot, as it paves way for profitable business operations. Ganesha says that circular and triangle shapes must be avoided. While constructing the commercial complex on the plot, make sure that there is more of open space in the northern and eastern directions as compared to the western and southern portions. This will increase more positive vibrations.

The buidings which follow the principles of vaastu while getting constructed are more famous and better inhabitated in comparison to others. There are various guidelines to be followed while designing and constructing the building like the direction and placement of basement,beams,entrance,windows,AC plant, stairs,pantry ,waste disposal etc . The proper following of principles of Vaastu can make the building a better place to work in.

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Note: Directional placement of Water Bodies. & Nature of the problem.