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Vaastu for Hotels

Hotels and Restaurants are built for the public as a business centre where people come and stay temporarily for some time and after having rest, meals, etc. proceed on for their destination. Thus the benefits of hotel and restaurant are two folds – to the customers restaurants for good and delicious food, and for decent comfortable stay as ‘paying guest’. The better this arrangement, the more is the popularity and fame of the hotel or restaurant in the country and outside. It is possible only when the construction of hotels and restaurants is done according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. Surely then these will be beneficial and profitable to the customers (Travelers) and the concerned people.

The hotel if not designed as per Vaastu can result in no arrival of guests and can lead to the failure of business model. Vaastu helps in maintaining harmony with five basic elements of universe which are Agni (Fire), Akash (Sky), Paani (Water), Prithvi (Earth), and Vayu (Wind). The hotel designed as per Vaastu will boost the business in terms of more arrival of guests and will lead to more customer satisfaction. Vaastu triggers the fortunes.

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Note: Directional placement of Water Bodies. & Nature of the problem.