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Vaastu for Interiors with Colour Therapy
Colors are most powerful in influencing the human mind and body. It is also the least expensive, easiest and quickest to use, to change and to create a decorating scheme. In Vedic periods, all colors were taken out from vegetables and flowers, which were more permanent in shade, soothing to eye and natural tint. At an early period in human history the symbolic use of colors was made. During early period Heart, which was the seat of life and the blood was identified with life and consciousness and was colored red. Yellows were possibly the color of fire and white that of the day. Vaastu Shastra provides vital guidelines as to how to decorate our homes etc. in decent manner to derive maximum delight with dignity and décor.

According to some Vaastukars, the color schemes should conform to the raashi (constellation / zodiac sign) of the owner to bring good luck and happiness.

The doors and windows need a great attention. Besides outside settings and interiors too, there are several other aspects, which need consideration while planning and designing, and this is one of them. There are some points that one should always consider before designing the doors and the windows.
The best thing is if the maximum number of doors and windows open in North and East sdes of the building as compared to the South and the West Side.
The main door should be the tallest and other doors should not be superior in size or in beauty to the main door. It is also written in Braunth Sanhita as:

“Mool Dwaaram Naanayyarabhisanthathi Roopdurya, Gatpal Patra Pramathibhishch Thanmadulau shrich nuyath”

There are people who were doing very well in their lives be it their personal relationships, their career, their business, their capabilities to generate resources. But suddenly everything has changed. The business is not rocking any more.The career graph has dipped.The relationships have become sour.Have you ever thought what made the things go wrong. The chances are that you have got the interiors changed at home or business place.Yes interiors do radiate the energies which put an impact on your lives. Get your inetriors changed or redone using the expert advice from Vaastu Consultant.

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Note: Directional placement of Water Bodies. & Nature of the problem.