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Vaastu for living rooms

Living room is also known as hall, sitting room, main room, drawing room etc,. This living room plays a vital role in vastu shastra, because now a days we are sparing this room as T.V watching room., at our house we have dining room, but so many people now ate food only at living room by watcing TV programmes. We are now accostomed for it., we are shouting our children not to watch the tv programmes while taking food, but we are not follow it. Great on our dramatic role.

Living room is the place which reflects the family’s image in front of visitors. So it is of utmost importance that the placement and direction of living room along with various objects within the living room should be done with proper Vaastu princiles. Get the positive energies emiited by getting your living room designed and decorated with Vaastu principles. This helps in bringing in success , liveliness and happiness among family members.

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Price: USD 31  INdian  (INR  1444.00)

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Note: Directional placement of Water Bodies. & Nature of the problem.