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Vaastu for Power

Vaastu gives us a scope about the nine planets (navagrahas) positive power or negative power at a house. From vaastu we can know which type of power ( positive or negative) is controlling our house. There is no doubt that a house, which receives positive power brings luck to the entire family in every aspect. Thus, vaastu power controls the lives of people of a particular house.

Vaastu can control many things like income of the family, expenditure of the family, education of the family members, settlement of the family members, health of the family members, social respect of the family etc. Even match making problems, love marriages, settlements of the daughters of the family are controlled by vaastu. There are specific points in vaastu to determine the above things. These specific points are situated in every house. House, factory or office, temple, every place has its own vaastu power and vaastu points.

If this vaastu power points are in wrong position, even a big factory with excellent investment and management will not get proper orders and returns. The negative vaastu power at birla mandir supported the killer of mahatma Gandhi. Even love marriages, elopement can also be caused due to the vaastu in their parents houses. Court cases, mental agony, madness, uncontrolled behavior of the children of the family, accidental death of the family members are also caused due to this vaastu negative power.

Childless young married women problems can be solved by rectifying the vaastu in their house. We can do miracles by just rectifying the vaastu power points in a house. This is universal.

You know? the country swiss has excellent vaastu power of money income, so that a lot of money is going to swiss. Eastern side sea provides philosophical mind to our Indians. A person’s vaastu is interlinked with his birth star. According to his birth star his lucky vaastu can be decided. If a person follow’s his lucky vaastu he will surely get victory in his life. We can easily say the life style & future of the family members of a house by a single look at the house.


Your authority is at stake.You are losing the control on your subordinates. You are not getting the support from your seniors. You are missing the power which used to follow you.You are losing the respect from your family members. Have you ever wondered what can be the reason of for all this so called bad time?? The Vaastu Dosha at your home or at your business place doesn’t let you achieve the status you aspire for. Consult the experts to get rid of these ill-effects.


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