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Vaastu for Wealth

Creating Wealth…… sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

And those infomercials make it sound so darn easy!
But how do you create wealth out of thin air? They say to just “Do It!” Don’t just say you want wealth, go out and “Get It!”
Most likely, “they” are just trying to sell you their latest program or book.
If it were that easy to create wealth, then everyone would be a walking money magnet.

Money is an important factor in our lives and money matters can be a major source of stress. If you find your finances dwindling, you will have to locate the reason. Keeping an exact record of your income and expenditure can do this.

The Proof of the Pudding lies in the Eating

If the debit entries grow larger and larger in your bank statement, it is high time you got a grip on your finances. The best solution is to first try out which method is most suitable for you. You will have to find out whether you have bought too many expensive items with your credit card, or you might have used the telephone too often. You need to get an overview by drafting a two-column table. On the credit side, write down your income for the relevant month, and on the debit side, list all your expenditure. Think hard to ensure that your list is complete.

You do not need to be born in the family of Warren Buffet , Tatas or Ambani to be wealthy. Vaastu increases wealth, well being and prosperity if you live in structures that allow positive cosmic forces to be created. Get your fortunes triggered with Vaastu

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Note: Directional placement of Water Bodies. & Nature of the problem.